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Frequently Asked Questions
Dear FAF is an on-line record of the most important events in people's lives, such as births, deaths, engagements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
What can I do on Dear FAF?
You can make your own unique announcement page and then share it with the world.

Just choose one of our beautiful and simple to use templates and then make it completely your own. You do this by adding all the important details like the name, location and date, and writing your own personal message or story.

You can also add up to 5 photos to your announcement, as well as a short video and some audio (a spoken message or music). You might also include links to other sites that are relevant to your event.
Is this like Facebook, Twitter, or My Space?
Those types of sites are fun, social networks which are informal by nature and are more about day to day (or even minute by minute) activities in people's lives.

Dear FAF on the other hand, has been specifically created to provide a special place for your more formal life events in a way that honours their uniqueness and importance.
Why use Dear FAF to make my formal announcement? Isn’t that what newspapers are for?
Yes, in the past if you wanted to formally tell the world about your important event, you'd pay for a classified advertisement in the local newspaper. But we think that's pretty limited because all you normally get is a small black and white message which is only in print for one day. And of course, your announcement is only available to those that live in that newspaper's distribution area. Some newspapers are now offering an on-line presence but (like the print version) it is very simple, black and white, and pretty dull.

We believe that our interactive and multimedia announcement templates offer a far richer and more satisfying experience. And best of all, you can share your announcements immediately with all of your family and friends anywhere in the world where there's access to the web.

And of course, we don't charge you one cent!
How do I share my announcement?
There are several ways to instantly share your announcement: Once you've created your announcement and you're happy with it, it then becomes available for public viewing. At that time, we send you an email with the unique name of your announcement, for example www.dearfamilyandfriends/birthofsarajane
  1. You can then email that link to your family and friends and they'll be able to view your announcement immediately.
  2. You’ll find an ‘Email’ tab on your announcement which allows you, or anyone else looking at the announcement, to forward its link by email to several recipients at once.
  3. There is a ‘Share This’ tab on your announcement which means that with a few clicks you can share the announcement you made on a social networking sites where you have an account like Facebook and Twitter.
Can my family and friends find my information if I haven’t sent them the link?
Sure, they can easily search Dear FAF for your special announcement by any of the searchable information you provided (eg name, place, or location of event), as long as you didn’t enable the "hide from search" option in the Options page when you created your announcement.

Remember, you can always go back and edit any aspect of your announcement including your announcement options.
Can everyone see my announcement?
Dear FAF announcement are, by their nature, meant to be public. However, if you wish, you can keep your announcement reasonably private; when you create your announcement you will see an option to make your announcement searchable in our search results, or not. If you choose to not make it searchable it is very unlikely anyone you don’t send the announcement’s link to, will be able to find it.

However, we can’t guarantee that someone might not stumble on it accidentally. Therefore, we recommend not including sensitive, personal information in your announcements such as phone numbers, exact addresses or other normally private details.
What’s the benefit of my announcement being public?
Making a formal announcement of your event is a way of marking its special meaning or importance.

By using Dear FAF to make your announcement there are also other benefits. For example, perhaps an old friend’s heard from someone that you’re getting married or having a child, but has lost touch with you directly. They can go to Dear FAF, search for your name, find your announcement and leave you a personal message instantly. And of course, you’re free to use the site to exchange contact information.

The same is true if you know someone’s been very ill and you believe they might have passed away, but you can’t ring the immediate family directly to find out (or it’s not appropriate to do that). Again, you can just enter the relevant name or any other details and see if the family, or a funeral director, has left an announcement. This is one of the reasons we encourage people to leave their announcements on our servers indefinitely.
Can other people add messages to my announcement?
Yes, but only if you allow it, and you can delete any message you receive at any time. You have several options in your message settings including allowing anonymous messages. In any event, persons adding messages to announcements must have their own account with Dear FAF.
Do I have to register with you, and what details do you ask for?
If you just want to view an announcement you don't have to register with us. However, if you want to create an announcement, save favourites, create a watchlist or add messages to other people's announcements, you have to register.

Registration is free and simple. We only require your name, a valid email address and your agreement with our terms of use, which are written in plain English on our Policies and Legal page.
I’m not sure what to write about my event, or what sort of video or audio to add.
The best way to get ideas is to look through some of the many diverse and wonderful announcements already on the site. Try searching for a general word associated with your announcement type, e.g if you want to make an announcement about a child’s birth, search for ‘baby’ or ‘arrived’ or ‘born’.
What else can I do at Dear FAF?
We’ve designed Dear FAF to be as flexible as possible. You can edit your announcement at any time, including switching templates, adding, changing or removing photos, audio, video and removing any of the messages you may have received.

You can also add an announcement (yours or someone else’s) to your Watchlist, and we’ll then send you an email to advise you if that announcement changes in any way (e.g. if someone posts a message or a photo is changed). And of course you can share it on most social networking sites you may have an account with like Facebook or Twitter.
Can I delete my announcement?
Yes, you can delete your announcement at any time. Or you can choose to simply ‘Hide’ it from public view for a period of time.
Can people download anything from my announcement?
Like many other sites, people may be able to download photos from your announcement. While it would be much more difficult to capture your uploaded video or audio, we ask all our users to be aware that there are ways to capture almost any content from web sites. So, if you really don’t want people to be able to download something on your announcement, it is best not to include it.
I tried to print my announcement but I can’t see the background. Why?
This is an option over which we have no control. It is set in your browser as an ink saving measure.

One solution may be to click on FILE then PAGE SETUP then put a tick in the option PRINT BACKGROUND.
Will you be adding more announcement templates or categories in the future?
Absolutely. We will always be looking for ways to update and enhance your Dear FAF experience, and part of that will be adding new templates on a regular basis to give you even more choice.

Remember that although we've categorised the templates into various groups (e.g. Engagement or Birthday) there's nothing to stop you using ANY template for ANY of your announcements.

If you would like a specific template design or have an idea for any other aspect of our site, we'd be happy to hear from you. Just send us an email via the Contact Us page.
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